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You all live near the ancient Ruins of Mezro on the Island of Chult. Chult is on the map on the West Coast of the Coastline. Over 80% of the Island is deep jungle and/or swamp. Legend has it and the sophistication of the Ruins, even after a thousand years, says that this was once a powerful city almost unparalleled. Lore is specific in the fact that at one point the entire City was Invisible, and/or did not exist and any who came close to it….kind of forgot why they came. It was a land of peace, prosperity and vast power. Then it was destroyed by something called the Spellcraft which few know much about.

What was Chult is not Chult now. After the Spellcraft accident…the people left here have been subject to poverty and scrounging for centuries. The promise of gold finds, rare diamond mines, and some who seek ancient treasures have lead some adventurers here, but those are few and rare. As the jungle has taken over, it now the land of the reptiles and goblins. This is the one of the few places in the realms that dinosaurs still exist. Yes, I said dinosaurs. Now the T-Rex has not been seen in years, but Goblin of all types, lizard men, and a variety of jungle creatures occupy over 80% of the Island.

Why races live here…great question, but basically there are not many Boats and many fear Slavery or other fates in lands they do not know. Most people are great descendants of thriving cultures or a few stragglers from adventuring parties, shipwrecks, or you came to the one port city…and after being robbed…had to forge for food on the outskirts.

That said, few of you have any profession, civilized skills, or formalized training and if you do…you got it scrambling among your “Famibe”. A Famibe is a local term of different peoples from just about every race that form small roaming bands of farmers, and/or families of tribes. Generally the coast line has hundreds of small abandoned villages, temporary houses, old stone houses that are built and/or abandoned over time and hundreds of what are called “Famibes” occupy the entire western coastline. Famibes is families that form tribes out of necessity. They are a mix of race, religion and bind together for protection against a host of raiding parties from both the ocean and the jungle.

You all have been coached by a local blind Spiritual Leader of sorts called Chueeee. He has dabbled in many classes, but never mastered any. And then the goblins captured him and removed his eyes. He still has an uncanny ability to sense danger and knows much. You have all for the past few months, managed to work together sparingly as a handful of talented individuals who show the ability to grow your skill. Chueeee has so little to work with to defend the people, that well…you are his pride and joy.

So you all share a desire to grow your skills, you all would love to find a way off this Island, and you all have no real family left, but you do feel an obligation to help your community if you could. The problem is most people fear magic and growth, it is ingrained in the people after legends of the Cities destruction, so most individuals who get any power beyond a few levels are often shunned or never achieve that ability.

Saba, the fearless Antholupe who protects Chueeee, smelled danger and woke you all up. You were concerned over rumors of Hobgoblin movements down the coast. Hobgoblins, unlike Bugbears or regular goblins, seemed more thorough in the destruction of villages. You and others had repelled lizard men, goblins, some evil Merfolk, Trodgelites but managed to get everyone into a cluster in an abandon section of town. You and your party were in the section with about 30 villagers and your master.

Then “it” happened. If you did not believe in Miracles, well you did now. You always heard of hero’s, and well…you kind of just witnessed one of the most amazing feats you could have ever imagined….albeit without any Angels or rainbows. If fact it was utter chaos made into art and words do it little justice.

Moments ago, you stood almost not breathing and hoping that what looked like 100+ Hobgoblins in a massive raiding party would miss you. You were on the second story of a building…and when you realized, they were looking at the second floor and started to charge. Out of the sky like a block of stone dropped a giant sized Pyramid that crushed 20 hobgoblins, sliding and leaping with a roar came a Bugbear Barbarian and a dwarf whirling a hammer around his head like he was the god of Thunder himself.

You watched with awe as the Bugbear repeatedly yelled Smash and the dwarf felled every creature that came close to it. The more the Bugbear bled the more crazy he became and the more the dwarf tried to keep up and remained untouched. Hard to say who killed more, but it was close either way. Over the crashes of Thunder and lightning and dust stormes and yells of Smash, you heard 2 things…One was saying..22, 24, 27 and the other was saying 17, 4, 13, 41, I won.

The next part you will never forget.

The dwarf walked up to speaking distance of the window and addressed several of you by name. “We mean you no harm…long bloody story….see…and your not going to believe a word of it….but you saw what you saw….so here me out. I am Misgoth. Look, we are kind of like a group of parallel plane travelers….in a creepy dysfunctional device that well seems to do whatever the hell it wants. It was created by Chaos and good…and tries to give us messages of where a great evil will rise unless we stop it. It gives us some sort of messages on how to stop evil….Not sure I can explain it better…but here we are. Right Tark?

Tark: “Yes short man not as short as Froggy, but he slower…I killed more hobby’s. oh yes, Tark Smash, me Tark, shorty here Missygoth and ..yes…square pointy thing takes us lots of places. You listen, me not want to Smash you…but he can’t fly…heharhar…

Misgoth: “Ok, going to make this simple. Most of if not all of your village is going to die. There are another 300 or more coming into the city. And Tark needs to take Pyramid to smash biggest guy…but we just gave good a chance to fight evil. Chueeee, found something lost a week ago. Once a living creature touched it…it’s whereabouts are now known. You have one chance to make your world whole again. Don’t ask me what this all means, but there is a Red Wizard of Thay named Trystane Scaleforge that invoked an ancient Thayvian magic circle a few years back….when an artifact of power such as this is found…he does anything to acquire it.

He can scry where it is, and partially locate it, but with not much clarity. The more hands it touches the more clarity he gets. Chueeee and you all will be hunted until your destruction unless you destroy both Trystane and/or the artifact, but bad things will happen if the artifact is not destroyed. You have 2 chances to save rule by evil wizards…One kill Trystane, but that will be hard as he is usually guarded in Thay or destroy it where it was created. There is a Mythral hammer forged by dragonfire that is the only thing that can destroy this artifact. You cannot bury it or dump it in the ocean now…It was created in ancient Smiths of the Smoking Mountains of near Tymanther. If Trystane obtains this, the Thayvian wizards will have access to the power of ancient Mezro. Learn how to fight, become hero’s. You have a few minutes and Tark and I will provide cover…get out now! Oh and tell no one of what you found…and take Chueeee with you!

Tark…hurry…we go smash…just drink this first… then they both approached the Pyramid were sucked into it and the pyramid sparked, whined and then disappeared. ”

Home Page

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